Upload File(s)

* Warning: Make sure that you have added the to-be-uploaded file name in your directory before you upload a file. See Add/Edit Headings for adding file name details.

* Note: you can always upload again if you uploaded a wrong file.

upload file(s) Button is clicked to upload a selected file.

Click folder ( ) or arrow ( ) to show the desired pathway.
Step 1: Click the upload button, the upload window will then show.
Step 2: Select the to-be-uploaded file name by clicking it in the left frame. 
Step 3: Click the  browse button in the right frame to find the file you want to upload.
Step 4: Double click on the file to be uploaded.
Step 5: Click the Upload File button to upload the file.
Step 6: If you made a mistake,click the  Reset Form button. 
The upload result will be shown in the right frame.
* Step 7: You have to click the done button if the files uploaded are .ima, Image collection or Image files.

 Quit the upload window by clicking Back button in the left frame.  If the file type you uploaded is image, you can add or change a  caption for it by clicking the Caption button after you uploaded the file. 

Example after a HTML file has been uploaded:

Example after Image Collection files have been uploaded: