Personal Data Access

Your access to personal and business communications

This product offers you a full spectrum of communication tools through a personalized website and acts as your own personal journal for all interactions or transactions you perform. It is easy to use and you can create your own file structure on the fly for text or image files. Access it from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Always be prepared for any business or personal needs.


440 E Ferry Street, Unit 2

Detroit, Michigan 63144

E. Mark Haacke, President

May 15, 2001

313 758-0065


What are the goals of this product?

The product is an organized interactive web software that functions much like Microsoft word does in storing your files and organizing your information. It requires no web master. Unlike Microsoft Word, it offers all aspects of communication. The use of video will also be important in the future as well. When people use something like this they have access to a means to keep track of important information, friends and family.

We offer a unique product geared toward the individual or business research project. As a product, this should offer a key multi-user software package for use by all industries involved in any form of research. As an example, consider a firm which has a large customer base and must coordinate a project across sites either nationally or internationally. Data is usually shipped by hard disk and stored. Managers must phone or travel in order to review progress. Further, individual sites have no idea what the other sites are doing or what progress they are making. Using a PDA website solves all these problems and leads to not only a better managed project but much faster progress as well. It also offers the ability to give presentations or accommodate net meetings.

For imaging related applications, there are numerous features that allow you to manipulate images in terms of their contrast, size and location. Multiple windows are available to view many images simultaneously. Comments can be attached to each image for notation purposes. The company will also seek to develop software tools to be used with the images for more detailed image manipulation and processing, thereby enhancing the products usefulness in the medical field.

We also foresee the need to offer special software for image processing. This would be valuable to the teleradiology and pharmaceutical clientele in general. Specifically, MR manufactuers such as Siemens Medical Systems or General Electric Medical Systems and pharmaceutical companies such as Janssen, Mallinckrodt, Bracco, Nycomed, and Schering need PDA for image archiving, image processing and drug validation studies. These companies include Kodak and Fuji, to name two major firms, and a multitude of smaller companies. Establishing a means to communicate patient data, patient images and image management are important from the intranet side but are not yet fully developed for the internet.

For the public market it may become feasible to not only incorporate an individual's profile but also create a marriage with other programs such as financial planners etc all in one easily accessible file system so that the user truly has a home away from home whenever he needs it. Other public applications may include a personal journal for communication, use by children in a similar fashion or for school, for genealogists who need family information organized, or for use in educational based programmes. Even more important is the access for businesses to personal data profiles which could be built as a natural extension to one of the file structures where an individual lists his/her interest and only relevant advertisements go to those spots. As such, major telecommunications companies could make this a part of their future package offerings for personal communications.

Another approach to the public market is to webhost access to EnterPDA. This is not dissimilar to what is done in numerous other major sites including: myfamily, Bantu, netscape, etc. In this mode, it would be possible to offer a meeting planner capability as well.

The features in this product would also be useful for communication portals, such as medical websites. One example where this is used currently is for the MR Imaging web site as the site for the public and physicians to go for information about MRI.

In summary, the system is easy and available for the general user. We have the unique practical experience which gives us an edge over the competition in terms of what needs to be done and where the field is going. We have numerous contacts with several major companies that may also lend themselves to major collaborations in this arena. Our business goal is to license this technology for use in fields where information exchange is critical including, but not limited to: telecommunications companies, medical companies, publishers, research institutions, genealogists, and other individuals for family communications.


The management team consists of Dr. E. Mark Haacke, President of this and two other companies. His brother, Peter B. Haacke, also the President of three companies. Yingbiao Xu, the senior programmer, has driven the software development and been with Dr. Haacke for four years. They will hire another 4 or 5 employees to bring this product to market over the next 18 to 24 months. We are actively seeking a management team to drive the product and interface with strategic alliance partners.

Our experience in the medical research field has lent itself to creating a demanding environment where we can anticipate the needs of the individual for all forms of communication, from daily access of personal data to international collaborative projects.

Board Member Profiles

E. Mark Haacke, Ph. D.

Dr. Haacke has over twenty years experience in research and professional service. He has trained over 50 people in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) many of whom today are Professors or professionals in industry in the field of MRI. He has 7 patents and two under review at this time. Dr. Haacke is a highly productive and world renowned physicist having published over 125 papers. He works closely with those members of his team to ensure their growth and success. For five years he served on the board of the Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, being the President in 1991. He has written many grants worth several million dollars and managed these grants and the staff associated with them. During the last six years, he ahs created two other companies, MR Innovations, Inc., a consulting firm and The MRI Institute for Biomedical Research.

Peter B. Haacke

Mr. Haacke has had extensive business experience having formed three companies himself. He is President of all three, all of which are successful enterprises today. He has been involved with community fund raising as well as numerous other local projects.


The knowledge based communications and data base transfer areas are two of the fastest growing areas in the industry. Many of these companies have just become successful in the last five years, AOL and livelink being two good examples. Properly positioned, with the right attitude of developing ideas and a good business practice, we can potentially rise to the same level of accomplishments.